The Schematica team creates an integrated set of products that enhance the flow of structured content between designers, developers, and strategists.

From complete software solutions, to a variety of plugins, we create bridges across content systems and content silos. We believe that the future of content is structured, compostable, and collaborative. The tools that power this future must be the same.

Source live data into Figma from your content source. Design faster, streamline workflow, and stress-test designs by swapping between languages and content instances.


Build content models with SEO standards, Seamlessly import and export schemas. Facilitate seamless collaboration between developers and marketing teams in Figjam.


A graph-based low-code modeling platform that connects data and content systems, solving interoperability and governance challenges, leading to substantial time savings.


Diagram and deploy conversational flows, decision trees, and rule-based chatbots. Source content from data sources. Leverage the powerful collaborative features of FigJam.

Visualize for

Effortlessly navigate with a visually intuitive interface, enabling a comprehensive understanding of relationships between types, properties, and enumerations.